Karen James, the widow of mountain climber Kelly James, spent the year after her husband’s death researching the facts and reconstructing the events of what really happened on the mountain. In her new book, "Holding Fast," Karen, reveals never before released information as to what went wrong on the mountain. The book is more than an adventure story it is also a love story between a husband and wife, about the deep friendship formed between the three families, the bond between family and friends that kept them going, and the search and rescue teams who never gave up. Despite her great loss, Karen reveals how her faith enabled her to overcome the tragedy, making it a real life inspirational story that you will never forget.

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The Song "Hold Fast"

“In December 2006, our family was unwillingly involved in something that captured worldwide attention. As the days progressed, so did the story. With the weather turning from bad to worse, millions of people joined in the prayers for a successful rescue.

The concern for these three climbers swelled beyond our wildest dreams. I received constant reports on the many prayer services that were being held across the country. In one of them, a dear friend told me how MercyMe’s song “Hold Fast” was played as everyone sat quietly listening to the lyrics.

When I returned from Mount Hood, I constantly heard the song on the radio and was struck at how the lyrics seemed to fit our situation. When I hear this song I think of Kelly in the snow cave.

I am very grateful to MercyMe for sharing their lyrics and music with us.”

– Karen James

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"Hold Fast" Lyrics

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