Reformed Theological Seminary is one of the largest and most comprehensive networks for Christian scholarship and education in the U.S. RTS strives for the delicate balance between theory and practice, providing theologically sound "real world" training for ministry. RTS Faculty are recognized as world leaders in Reformed theology. Since first opening its doors in the fall of 1966, RTS has grown to six locations including Orlando, Florida, where Dr. Frank A. James serves as president.

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Dr. Frank A. James III

As the oldest brother, Frank James acquired his leadership skills at an early age. During his youth, this native Texan, primarily focused on three life passions— his siblings, sports and God. When he wasn’t watching out for the three younger James brothers and his baby sister, Frank was playing football and known for his strong Christian leadership both on and off the field.

Frank knew at an early age that he wanted to serve the Lord, but he did not know exactly how that would work out until after he graduated from Texas Tech University with a major in Political Science and a minor in English. It would soon become clear to him that seminary was where he belonged.

But Frank was not destined to embark on his journey alone. In 1978, he met his future wife Carolyn Custis at church and they later married in Oregon in 1980.

He then went to Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia to get his PhD. After that, Frank became an Assistant Professor at Westmont College in California. He received a second doctorate at Oxford, taught at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Keble College at Oxford University, and then became a visiting Professor. After Oxford, Frank accepted a position as Associate Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He advanced to full Professor and currently also serves as the President of the Orlando seminary.

In December 2006, Dr. Frank James was forced into the media spotlight when he became the spokesperson for the James, Hall and Cooke families after his younger brother Kelly James and fellow mountain climbers Brian Hall, and Jerry “Nikko” Cooke went missing on Mount Hood.

Today Dr. Frank James continues his leadership role at the seminary and provides a real life testimony as to how faith provides strength through tragedy. Frank resides in Orlando with his wife Carolyn and their daughter Allison.

“Some of you have asked also about our faith. I want to reassure you again that our faith is strong. Our faith is threefold -- we have faith in Kelly, and Brian and Nikko, we have faith in the rescuers, and we have faith in God. And there is little doubt that our faith is being refined these days... It's amazing, when you're in these kind of circumstances, you might think that people would turn away from God, precisely the opposite has happened. We've all turned to God."
- Frank James

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