“Karen James has taken a tragic event for her and her family and used it to shine a light on the life of a man that uplifted those he touched. It’s a compelling story that is sure to inspire!”
- Troy Aikman, Pro Football Hall of Fame member (2006)


“As a child living in Portland, Oregon, I could see the beautiful 11,239-foot snowcapped summit of Mount Hood from my bedroom window. I often wondered what it would be like to climb to the top. Years later when I heard the news reports that Kelly was missing on the mountain, I knew its subfreezing temperatures and 80 mph winds would be make it a brutal place to be stranded. Kelly James was a man’s man—a man of purpose. He was passionate not just about mountain climbing, but also about making his life count. When Kelly learned his church would study the The Purpose Driven Life, he jumped at the opportunity. Without consulting Karen, he spontaneously volunteered their home to host a 40 Days of Purpose small group. When he saw a need, Kelly acted without hesitation. If you’re tired of no-risk living, read this powerful story. It will grab you from the first page and won’t let you go.”
- Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life


“In my thirty-three years of law enforcement, I have never met families like these. Something very special happened on the mountain between the rescuers and the James, Hall and Cooke families. Karen’s description of what happened on Mount Hood is the most accurate I have heard to date. With what our investigation revealed and her insight into her husband and their friend Brian Hall, she has done an amazing job of putting the pieces together. Karen’s story is about mountain climbers, mountain rescue, relationships and never giving up.”
- Sheriff Joseph A. Wampler, Hood River County, Oregon


“Karen James’s moving account of her beloved Kelly’s tragic death on Mount Hood reveals how human love can transcend tragedy—even death. After losing the love of her life, Karen ironically found the perfect Love that Kelly so passionately embraced. Her touching story of tragedy, heartbreak, and ultimately, triumph will inspire you to hold fast to all those you love.”
- Denise Jackson, wife of country singer Alan Jackson and author of It’s All About Him


“Karen James will take you on a journey you will never forget. It’s an adventure and love story rolled into one with a very important life message. I remember hearing the heartbreaking news that mountain climber Kelly James had been found dead in a snow cave on Mount Hood, but I couldn’t help but wonder what really happened—this is the untold story!”
- Roger Staubach, Pro Football Hall of Fame member (1985) and Executive Chairman, The Staubach Company


“This is an inspiring personal and heartfelt look at the tragic climbing trip on Mount Hood that took the life of Karen’s husband and his two climbing partners in December 2006. From the moment she received the first phone call indicating there was trouble on the mountain, Karen James tells the story of her family, her husband and the rescue efforts that captured the attention of the media. Karen takes the reader into her life and not only retraces the family bonds and personal experiences that have kept her looking forward, but also pieces together the details of the climb that likely lead to her husband’s death on Mount Hood.”
- Dave Waag, Hood River Crag Rats


“Karen’s description of the December 2006 Mt. Hood tragedy is the most detailed and inspiring I have heard. Karen provides an intimate and behind-the-scenes view of what transpired on the mountain, and what her family had to endure. This is a heroic tale of a climb gone terribly wrong, and how a family and their faith can survive the worst of catastrophes.”
- Steve Rollins, Rescue Leader, Portland Mountain Rescue


“Before Kelly James lost his battle on the mountaintop, he took his wife, Karen, to the moon! This is a great love story that captured the attention of our whole nation in December 2006. After the chilling pain of defeat, the reader’s heart will be warmed by Karen’s strength, and victory.”
- Ron Hall, author of Same Kind of Different as Me


“When Kelly was alive he watched out for Karen and the kids; now he watches over them. He went from a human being to a superbeing.”
- Denver Moore, author of Same Kind of Different as Me


“As Karen and Kelly’s pastor, the news that one of our family members was missing hit us hard. Our congregation prayed and prayed that the three climbers would make it home for Christmas. While Kelly did not survive that awful storm, I am convinced he did make it home for Christmas. This book will tell you not only what happened on the mountain but, more important, what happened in the lives of so many who roped their lives together during and after the tragedy. My prayer is that this inspirational story will deeply touch and help motivate others to keep their eyes on the true summit!”
- Gary Brandenburg, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Dallas