Chapter 10 Excerpt: The Worst Day of My Life

     Walking through the airport, I could feel the stares of those who recognized our family. I will always remember the tearful glance of the security worker who looked at my ticket and said, “We’ve been praying for your family.”

     We were unable to get seats on the plane together, so I stuck the kids as close together as possible. Throughout the flight, I kept

lifting myself out of the seat to check on them. I was in a state of total devastation, and sitting quietly by myself on the plane, reflecting on the loss of Kelly, was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I felt that I had died inside.

Monday, December 18, Midmorning

     I glanced at my watch and realized that as we were flying home, Frank was getting ready to confirm to the media that Kelly was dead. Lou Ann, Kelly’s sister, Traci, and other family members had joined Frank for this last and very painful news conference. That morning, Frank told the world that a ring found on the body engraved with Kelly’s initials, along with other items, had convinced the family it was him.

I was glad the kids and I were not there.

     Looking out the window, I remembered that every time Kelly and I flew, he made the same comment when we hit twenty-nine thousand feet: “Can you believe this is the height of Mount Everest?” I just shook my head and laughed, saying, “No wonder they need oxygen.”

     At that moment, I painfully realized that I would never again sit with my husband and hold his hand on a plane and talk about the great time we were about to have on our next adventure. My trips, my dreams, my life with Kelly James were over.

     The kids and I were thousands of feet in the air, and Frank was below, in front of the world, reading the most painful statement of his life.

© Karen James. All Rights Reserved (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2008)

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